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Assignment 2: Requirements Improvement

Due at Thursday, November 12th, 11:00 am (before the lecture starts)
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Consult the lecture about Requirements Improvement to solve this exercise.
Since some SVN accounts were not working early enough, you can still get the points for Task 01 of Assignment 01. We expect you to do this task!

Some high school teachers formed a movement that initiated the development of location based software for mobile devices. The intention is to interest students in ecological issues and values:

  • (1) The students walk outside in the nature using their GPS-enabled devices.
  • (2) Before a student can log into the system a registration needs to be done.
  • (3) Earlier, a teacher can place virtual puzzles or presents at any location.
  • (4) A present can be a video about special life forms like flatworms or horses.
  • (5) When the arrival of the students at the location is recognized, the teacher gets notified.
  • (6) Because of the fact that time is limited, the teacher can give one hint, if it takes a group of students longer to get to the location.
  • (7) A hint is part of the game and really useful for the students.
  • (8) A useful hint is a hint that allows finding the location more easily.
  • (9) When the students arrive at a satisfying location, they can enjoy the present.
  • (10) The position of the students is continuously recorded.
  • (11) Tracking includes time-stamps.
  • (12) When the students submit their solutions, a teacher has to give approval, before they get the next location.
  • (13) Some information about the movement will be published on a website.

Task 4: Identify presuppositions

1 points

Demonstrate how to identify implicit assumptions (presuppositions) using one of the sentences (e.g. (13)).

Task 5: Definitions

1 points

Find a definition for the verb “to submit” that clarifies the words meaning in the context of (12). One sentence is enough, if it has the right form.

Task 6: Review these requirements using the Sophist REgelwerk

8 points

You should roughly understand what this system is meant to be. Nevertheless, there are about more than 30 issues with these requirements. Give us eight issues of at least three different types. The first row of the table gives you one example. You should use what you learned about the Sophist REgelwerk (and the final remarks of the last lecture).

SentenceClue on the language level pointing to a problem? What is the problem?What could you ask to clarify the requirement?
(13) “movement” homonymous; Could mean the group of teachersDoes “movement” mean teachers organization or recorded coordinates?
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
( _ )
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