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Assignment 3: Requirements Analysis

Due at Thursday, November 19th, 11:00 am (before the lecture starts)
You find sample solutions in the SVN:

Projects: A03T07_HotelUseCases_Solution, A03T08_HotelDomain_Solution, and A03T09_HotelAnalysisModel_Solution

For a concise introduction to UML you can take a look at these UML slides from the OOSC lecture 2008.
There are templates for all the diagrams you have to draw/change. For those tasks that involve a textual answer, just add a new text file to the folder.
We introduced the tool we are using in the tutorial session on Monday, November 2nd. Still it is possible that you need help. Therefore we are collecting Editing UML Tips. If this page doesn't answer your question, send a mail to the tutors or the mailing list.

Task 7: Use Case Models

(1+2)+3=6 points

Check out the folder A03T07_HotelUseCases. It contains a Use Case Diagram that can be opened with Eclipse.

a) Understanding Use Case Models

Imagine there is a conference in the city and the hotel is fully booked. The customer would be happy to get a room as soon as it becomes available because another guest canceled her reservation.

  1. How is this handled by the system? Write down a few sentences of explanation.
  2. Write down a complete concrete scenario (that matches the given model) in which this situation occurs.1)

b) Refactoring Use Case Models

Review the flows of events of the uses cases. Remember that Modifiability requires that there is no duplication.

Find the problem in the model and change the diagram to solve it.

Task 8: Abbott's Method

5+3=8 points

Check out the project A03T08_HotelDomain. You find the following text in a file as a basis to apply Abbott's method to mine a domain object model from a textual description of the requirements:

Text as basis for Abbott's method: (Click to expand)

We started already with the creation of a class diagram. You find this class diagram in the project as well. We mainly used the sentences (1.1) to (1.5).

a) Complete the class diagram based on the text.

b) Invent and write down five additional sentences describing some sensible properties of the Hotel Domain. Modify the model accordingly. It is ok as well to start with the modifications and to create the sentences afterwards, as long as they match.

Task 9: Analysis Object Models

1+6=7 points

Check out the folder A03T09_HotelAnalysisModel. Take a look a hotel.analysis.umlclass which contains the Analysis Model (AM) for the Hotel System. 2) and the Sequence Diagram (SD) we started. (in Sequence Diagram.umldi)

a) Add the missing link in the AM so that the operation that is already shown in the SD is possible.

The AM is now complete.

b) Complete the sequence diagram so that it depicts the scenario you wrote for task 7. Make no further changes to the AM. You SD has to agree with the given AM. 3)

You will need this again in Task 9
It was also shown in the lecture
Apart from the small change you did in (a), of course.
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