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Assignment 5: Components

Due at Thursday, December 3th, 11:00 am (before the lecture starts)
You find sample solutions in the SVN:

Project: A05T13-Hotel-EJB_Solution

For the previous tasks, you could just check out your group folder as a whole and open the subfolders in the project view. Now, and for all the other tasks that involve programming, Eclipse has to recognize the folder as a project. This only works if the subfolder for the task (A05T13-Hotel-EJB3 in this case) is checked out separately.

Task 13: Session beans

3+3 points
  • Check out the Eclipse project named A05T13-Hotel-EJB3 from your repository. (not the whole group folder with all the assignments)
  • Run the build.xml file (Right-click the file→Run As→Ant build). This will download OpenEJB and dependent libraries (ca. 20MB).
  • In case the project still contains errors: Refresh it (select the project in the Package Explorer and press F5).

The project provides an excerpt of the Hotel System with three entity beans (Renting, RentalPeriod, Room) and two session beans (StatelessRentings, StatefullRentings).


Further it contains the following JUnit test cases, which set-up a minimal EJB3 environment (based on OpenEJB) and execute tests on a stateless and a stateful session bean.

  • src/test/java/org/iai/assignment/ejb3/
  • src/test/java/org/iai/assignment/ejb3/

Both tests will fail in the beginning. You will find small sub-tasks in the test cases which ask you to extend either the test cases, the session beans, or the entity beans or to give an answer to a question. Follow the tasks precisely. It is not sufficient to make the tests green by any means. Like always you will have to explain your solution to your tutor. You will receive maximum 3 points for each test case.

If you have not run JUnit test cases in Eclipse before, have a look at the Tutorial: Object Oriented Programming.

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