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The rules of the game

  • We plan to publish the assignments on Thursday.
  • The deadline for submitting your solution is then the lecture on Thursday next week.
  • The submission is via the repository.
  • You will meet with your tutor in the week following the deadline.
  • The tutors track the points individually.
  • The whole group has to attend the meeting with the tutor.
    If you are not there you get zero points.
  • You can only get points for tasks that you can explain.
    No explanation from you = Zero points.
  • You need to get 50% of the total points from all assignments to get admitted to the exam.
  • We recommend that you solve the assignments together.
    This does not mean that just one person needs to be able to explain your solution.
    Everybody should!
    Only those of your group who are able to explain the solution get points.
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