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Installation Instructions

Most of what we need for Model-Driven Development is included in the latest Eclipse Modeling distribution 1).

  1. Choose the download of “Eclipse Modelling Tools” that matches your platform.
Make sure you download the right version. You need the one called Eclipse Modeling Tools. See this screenshot:

UML Editors

The UML Editors coming with Eclipse 3.5 are not stable, yet. We will use the Topcased UML editors instead.

This can be done through Eclipse's plugin management:

  1. Open the installation dialog with “Help » Install New Software”.
  2. Copy

    to the Working with field and press ENTER

  3. Install Topcased UML Editor and Topcased Dependencies from the Topcased Toolkit section.


Plugin installation

To be able to use SVN through Eclipse, the “Subversive SVN Team Provider” has to be installed.

Again, we use Eclipse's plugin management:

  1. Open the installation dialog with “Help » Install New Software”.
  2. Choose the “Galileo” repository from the dropdown and enter “svn” into the search field. 2)
  3. Install the “Subversive SVN Team Provider”.

SVN connector

The first time you do anything SVN related (like opening the SVN Repository perspective), a dialog will pop up and ask you which “SVN connector” to install.

Choose the latest “SVNKit”.

Adding your group's repository

  1. Switch to the SVN Repository Exploring perspective (Windows→Open Perspective-Other→…)
  2. Right-click on the SVN Repositories view and select New→Repository Location
  3. Fill in username, password and the URL

    Replace XX with your group number.

AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT)

Later in the course, we will use AspectJ to do Aspect Oriented Programming.

The “AspectJ Development Tools” for Eclipse consists of AspectJ as well as some AspectJ-specific extensions to Eclipse (code completion, a cross references view where you can see which methods get advised, etc.)

To install them into Eclipse:

  1. Open “Help » Install New Software…”
  2. Enter this update URL:
  3. Install the “AspectJ Development Tools”
which is based on the Galileo release
Eclipse might take a while to load the results
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