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 +====== Questions and Answers ======
 +==== Date, Time and Location of the exam ====
 +  * **Question:​** At which time of day will the exam be on Feb 9th ? 
 +  * **Answer:** (from Daniel'​s email 27.01.12): \\ the retake exam is scheduled for \\ **Thursday 22.03.2012, 11:15** \\ in the **Great Lecture Hall in the B-IT**. \\ The "​first"​ exam will take place as already announced on \\ **Thursday, 09.02.2012 at 11:15** \\ as well in the **Great Lecture Hall in the B-IT**. \\ Please be aware of the fact, that the time for the exam is earlier than the usual time of the lecture!
 +==== Production Line Analogy ====
 +  * **Question:​** I am unable to understand the slides 32-34 [of the Agile Processes lecture] which state that "lean manufacturing teaches ways to attend [to] back-up queues"​. [...]
 +  * **Answer:** (from Daniel'​s email 22.01.12): \\ My explanations had been very short this time. I just wanted you to see that it makes sense to describe software development in analogy to a production line in manufacturing. The items that are processed are the (until the testing or deployment unvalidated) decisions which are represented in the artifacts. The three slides present typical problems in the development process as problems in a production line: items piling up at some point because they can not be processed fast enough. \\ I did not discuss any solutions this time, because Jan [has presented] a systematic approach in the [Kanban] lecture: The focusing steps from the so called "​theory of constraints"​. \\ It might be as well instructive to meditate about the statement from later slides claiming that "​inventory"​ or "​partially done work" is "​waste"​.
 +==== Variations between Computer Science and Media Informatics ====
 +  * **Reminder:​** This is a 4 CP course for Media Informatics and a 6 CP course for Computer Science.
 +  * **Reminder (Media Informatics only):** In your version of the exam, you will be able (and have to) select one of the topics: Either AOSD or MDA. So, you can focus on one of the topics.
 +  * **Duration of the exam:** While Computer Science students will get 120 minutes, Media Informatics students will get 90 minutes (and less tasks).
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