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Assignment 1: Requirements Engineering

Release date: Tuesday, 16.10.12 - Due date: Sunday, 21.10.12, 23:59

Task 01: Hello SVN

4 points

In order to get everyone accustomed to each other and working with the SVN repository, do the following:

  • Commit your name and email address into your group repository as a text document.
  • Also, commit a short textual presentation of one of your group members.
    • The presentation should just be a short description of who the person is, what he/she does, etc.
    • At the end, each group member has to be covered.

Context for Task 02-04: The MultiMediaMaster

Use Case Diagram for the Commenting Feature of the MMM

MultiMediaMaster (short: MMM) is an online shop, where users can buy movies. We are elaborating a Use Case Model for a Commenting Feature of this application. Above you see the current state. For your convenience you find the use cases description here again:

Use Case "Read Movie Information and Comments"

Use Case "Add Comment"

Use Case "Handle Offensive Comment"

Please submit your solutions to the following exercises as plain text or as PNG/JPG/PDF-Images. You are free to work with your favorite UML modeling tool. In case you work with Astah Community, you may want to use our model file as a start.

Task 02: Scenarios and Use Cases

9 = 1+1+2+1+4 points

a) The use case diagram would be clearer if we added another actor, wouldn't it? Add the actor and the association to the use case(s).

b) The use case descriptions are lengthy, because a part of the flow of events is duplicated in two of the use cases. Mark the duplication in the text.

c) Introduce a new use case and connect it to the other, to remove this duplication.

d) Read quickly through the three scenarios below. Which is not yet represented in the use case model?

e) Create a (short!) Use Case Description for the missing Use Case and integrate the Use Case into the Use Case Diagram above. Explain in a sentence, why you connected the new Use Case to the rest in the way you did it.


Scenario "Bertha brags about Bonn"

Scenario "Garfield consistently complains"

Scenario "Adelheid banned Garfield for three days"

Task 03: Abbott's Method

12 points

Use Abbott's method to create a Domain Object Model based on the Use Case Descriptions. Name as well the boundaries mentioned in the Use Case Description. As a starting point we provide the class Movie from the main Domain Object Model of the system:

Task 04: Analysis Object Model

12 points

a) Create for each of your Use Cases separately a Use Case Realization.

b) Merge your Use Case Realizations into one Analysis Object Model.

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