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Main Lecture (CS, Monday 10:15-11:45, Hs.2, Rö.164)
08.10.12Software Construction with UML
15.10.12Software Construction with UML
Main Lecture (CS&MI, Monday 11:15-12:45, B-IT)Practical Lecture (MI, Tuesday 17:00-18:30, B-IT)
22.10.12Requirements Improvement 23.10.12 SCM (SVN, git)
29.10.12Requirements Analysis1) 30.10.12 "Problems & Programmers" Game
05.11.12Domain Driven Design
12.11.12Components 13.11.12 Tasks: Web services & OSGi components
19.11.12Service Oriented Architecture
26.11.12Aspect Oriented Programming (Code) 27.11.12 AspectJ & AJDT, AOP Tasks
03.12.12Aspect Oriented Software Development
10.12.12Model Driven Engineering 11.12.12 Tasks: DSL creation with Xtext
17.12.12Model Driven Software Development2)
ATSC-Exam 2011 Sample Solution ATSC-Exam 2011 Christmas Holidays (24.12. 2012 - 04.01.2013)
07.01.13Software Visualization 08.01.13 Cultivate, Cultivate Tasks
14.01.13Reengineering with Formal Concept Analysis
21.01.13Processes, Lecture Review 22.01.13 Q & A Session
28.01.13(Invited Talk) Stefan Lieser:
The Clean Code Developer Initiative
13.02.13 Written Exam (Checklist)3), 10:00-12:004),
Hs. X, Main University Building 5)
20.03.13 Retake Exam
2012-11-04 Updated the slides according to the corrections made during the lecture. Thanks to Vahe Hakobyan for recognizing that the slides still needed the update.
2012-12-19 Improved with respect to “Modeling in Color”. Thanks to Houssam Abdoullah for recommending this as standard example for stereotypes.
2013-01-28 The meta levels are M0-M3 (not M4).
The exam itself will take 90 minutes.
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