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Assignment 13: Scrum & Kanban

Release date: Monday, 27.01.14 - Due date: Sunday, 02.02.14, 23:59

Task 61: General

0 Points

Prepare questions for our Q&A session during the last lecture.

[For inspiration you may consult our checklist for the exam.]

Task 62: Kanban and Scrum

10 Points

a) Name the five core rules of Kanban and describe each with a short sentence in your own words.

b) Name the roles and process elements in Scrum presented in the lecture and describe each with a short sentence in your own words.

Task 63: Scrum vs Kanban

10 Points

In this task you should compare the Scrum and Kanban software process. Write down similarities and differences for at least 5 keywords. Possible keywords: Roles, Cadences, Workflows, Work items, Feedback.

Task 64: Bottlenecks, Non-instantly Available Resource

4 Points

a) Describe what a non-instantly available resource is.

b) How could a non-instantly available resource be seen in the Kanban board?

Task 65: Bottlenecks, Theory of Constraints

6 Points

In this task you should use the Theory of Constraint rules to identify and solve bottlenecks. In the board situation below, identify the bottleneck and describe which possible solution could solve the bottleneck. Systematically describe your approach using the Theory of Constraint rules.

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