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The slides are in the SVN. You need your SVN account to access them.
Main Lecture (CS, Monday 10:15-11:45, Rö.164, Hs.2)
14.10.13Software Construction with UML2)
21.10.13Software Construction with UML [More on this in the OOSC Lecture.]3)
Main Lecture (CS&MI, Monday 11:15-12:45, B-IT)Practical Lecture (MI, Monday 16:30-18:00, B-IT)
28.10.13Domain Driven Design28.10.13MI Orga, SCM (SVN, git)
04.11.13Improved Requirements
11.11.13Components11.11.13OSGi, Webservices
18.11.13Service Oriented Architecture
25.11.13Aspect Oriented Programming25.11.13AspectJ & AJDT
02.12.13Aspect Oriented Software Development (Sample Code for Slide 13)
09.12.13Model Driven Engineering09.12.13ecore & xtext
16.12.13Model Driven Software Development
Christmas Holidays (21.12.2013 - 04.01.2014)
06.01.14Introduction to Reengineering06.01.14Cultivate
13.01.14Software Visualization
20.01.14Introduction to Agile Software Developement20.01.14Kanban Simulation
27.01.14Agile Processes: Scrum and Kanban
03.02.14Summary, Q&A
21.02.14 Written Exam (Checklist), 13:00-14:30, Römerstraße 164, Hs. 1 & 2
31.03.14 Retake Exam, Römerstraße 164, Hs. 1
2013-10-22, dsp: Updated screenshots of the Wiki.
2013-10-22, dsp: Notes are now integrated into the slide set.
2013-10-22, dsp: Feel free to study these slides to fill your gaps in knowledge. The OOSC lecture itself is only available to Media Informatics students.
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