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Assignment 2: Web Services II

You won't get any points for solving this assignment, it will take the form of an online tutorial which will be hold in room A207, in the Computer Science building in Roemerstrasse 164. Please don't forget to bring your laptop and to prepare the environment by installing all prerequisite applications.


These are the tools used in the tutorial:

  1. Java Development Kit 1.5 (Download)
  2. Eclipse Framework (Download)
    • Please ensure that your eclipse has the required plugins (Try to execute the first three steps in the first page), otherwise download the specified version.
  3. Axis2 Web Application (Version 1.3) (Download)
    • Download and unpack the Axis2 Standard Binary Distribution.
    • Set an environment variable AXIS2_HOME to the pathname of the extracted directory of Axis2.
    • Add the AXIS2_HOME/bin to the PATH environment variable.
    • Add the AXIS2_HOME/lib to the CLASSPATH environment variable.

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