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Assignment 4: Taverna I

This assignment consists of two parts. The first part is a marked assignment that you have to submit before 17.01.2009. The second part provides the tutorial about Taverna which we are going to discuss next time


The tools used in the tutorial are:

  1. Java Development Kit 1.5 (Download)
  2. Taverna 1.7.1 (Download)
  3. Taverna 1.7.1 Online Manual (HTML)
  4. Taverna 1.7.1 starter pack (of some example workflows) (Download)

Note: If you will take other (newer) versions of JDK or Taverna, the given examples could not run properly. For example, Taverna 2.0 simply lacks some functionality available in Taverna 1.7.1.

Due Date

Your solution must be submitted before 17.01.2009

Just send it to the following mail address:

shumilov (at)

Assignment Document: First Part (Marked Assignment)

Assignment Document: Second Part (Next Tutorial)

Taverna-I Assignment

Sample workflow required for the assignment:

Sample Workflow

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