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KGA Exercises

Here you find the Exercises of the lecture.
Date Chapter/Topic Exercises (and date of last update) Solutions
7.11.2018 01. Semantic Knowledge Graphs 01-triplestores_exercises.pdf 01-triplestores-solutions.pdf
14.11.2018 02. Property Graphs 02-property_graphs_exercises.pdf 02-propertygraphs-solution.pdf
21.11.2018 03. statistical relational learning(SRL) 03-srl-exercise.pdf 03-srl-solutions.pdf
28.11.2018 04-Tensors 04-tensors-exercises.pdf04-tensors-solutions.pdf
3.12.2018 05-SGD-ALS 05-sgd_exercises_.pdf 05-sgd-solutions.pdf
11.12.2018 06-Neural Networks 06-nn-exercise.pdf 06-nn-solutions.pdf
19.12.2018 07-Neural Networks For KGA 07-nn-kga.pdf 07-nn-kga-solutions.pdf
16.1.2019 08-Latent Distant Model 08-latent_distant_model.pdf 08-latent_distant_model-solution.pdf
22.1.2019 09-SRL Models 09-srl_models.pdf 09-srl_models-solution.pdf
31.1.2019 10-MLNS 09-mlns.pdf 10-mlnss-solution.pdf
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