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Module Examination for MSc in Computer Science Programme

Registration for the Exam

Please register via Basis.

The deadline for exam registration in Basis will be announced by e-mail. After registration and completion of your exercises you will get a notice about your exam admittance.

Admittance to the Exam

To be admitted to the exam you have to achieve at least 50% of the total exercise points by submitting solutions online before the deadline mentioned on the respective assignment sheet and presenting them life to your tutor. Who does both gets full points. Who does not submit the solution in time via Git can still get 50% of the points if he / she can present them to the tutor. Tutorial sessions are held in our terminal pools because acquiring and demonstrating the ability to work with different tools (development environments, test tools, etc.) is an essential part of the exercises. In this sense, tutorials convey essential practical skills, similar to a lab.

Exercises are conducted in small groups (3-4 people). You may divide the work among the group members but you must be able to present the solution to any task, no matter whether you solved it yourself or a colleague solved it and explaied it to you. So, if you divide the work, make sure you talk to each other about your solutions!

The points acquired during the exercise sessions count only for exam admittance. The grade you get for the course depends only on the result of your exam.

Complete Exam Regulations

The regulations of MSc Programme in Computer Science apply. If you are new in Bonn and do not understand the exam regulations, contact the Master Office (Ms. Sybille Hahn).

For b-it students the regulations of the Media Informatics programme apply.

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