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OOSC: Exercises


The exercise will take place 14.04., 05.05., 29.05., 09.06., 23.06., 07.07., 17.07. at the B-IT lecture room.

The mailing list has been created for the attendees of the lecture. It can be used to ask questions and discuss solutions to practice problems.

For details and the assignments see the complete schedule of the class.

Example Solutions

We will upload sample solutions to the following directory. Login/Password will be given to you.

Please note that these are examples! To many questions there is more than one correct answer, and our solutions may not necessarily be the best. Also note that these solutions are sometimes a bit more “verbose” than necessary.


Requirements to be credited for this course

Requirements to get admittance to the written exam

  • Join an exercise group of up to four students
  • 50 % of all assignments must be completed by the group
  • Regular attendance to the exercises by at least one group member
  • Present at least one solution in the exercise
  • Bonus points for the written exam
    • The exam grade is reduced by 0,3 points if your group solves >= 70%

Written exam

  • Date to be announced soon: presumably in the week 21.-25.07.08
  • Date: 24.07.08, 10:00 - 11:30
  • Second date (oral or written) will be announced shortly after the first exam
  • Covered: Everything that
    • is discussed in the lectures
    • is elaborated in the exercises
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