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Assignment 4: System Design

Due at Thursday, May 21th, 23:59

Task 8: Design goals

2 points

State three design goals for your MMM and explain how you would try achieve them in the system. Give us a small description of the design goal and how a user (or who is addressed by the design goal) would experience this quality and describe the measures you would take to achieve your goal.

Task 9: Sequence diagram

4 points
Sample solution is online.

Create a sequence diagram representing the flow of events found below. Use the analysis object model from task 10 as reference.

Flow of events:

  1. user logs into the system
  2. user enters text into the search box
  3. system presents results
  4. user selects a movie
  5. system shows the movies details and that it is rentable via mail
  6. user chooses to rent by mail
  7. system asks for the address
  8. user enters information
  9. system prompts for credit card information
  10. user enters credit card information
  11. system validates the transaction with the credit_Card_provider
  12. credit_Card_provider confirms the success of the transaction
  13. system marks this copy a unavailable
  14. system adds bonuspoints for rental to the user account
  15. system instructs the automated storage facility to deliver the movie copy via mail to the address
  16. (a few days later) auotmated storage facility sends a notice to the system about the return of the movie copy
  17. system marks this copy as available

Task 10: System Decomposition

6 points

In this task, you will use the analysis model in your repository and take it as a starting point for the model of the solution. Please define a decomposition into subsystems. Try to adhere to the heuristics we have given in the lecture and some more detailed heuristics we collected for you. Give for each subsystem a short description of its responsibility (one to three sentences).

In Jude it might be the easiest way to create the subsystems in the existing class diagram and drag and drop objects into the subsystems. If you want, you can present this structure as well in the diagram.

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