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Assignment 5: More System Design

Due at Friday, May 29th, 23:59

Task 11: State diagram

4 points
The sample solution is online.

Use a state diagram (see slides set2: 58 -68) to model the status of a movie copy available for rent via mail in the MMM system during a rental up until the delivery order to the automated storage facility is dispatched. Include payment via credit card and bonus points. Payment via bonus points is only available if there are enough bonus points on the customers bonus point account.

The user may press cancel at any time to stop the process.

The movie copy is temporarily reserved during the payment process. The maximum duration of this temporary reservation is 5 minutes.

Task 12: Components

4 points
  1. Take your subsystem decomposition from Task 10 and develop it into a component diagram (see slide set 6, pages 44f). A subsystem is a logical grouping of classes, whereas a component is a piece of software that can be deployed as a whole, so the mapping between them is not one-to-one. Components can contain many subsystems. There might be as well components that provide basic functionality that is not modeled in the Analysis Diagram, e.g. persistent data storage.
  2. Pick two components and define their full interface by mentioning all methods and their signatures and purposes.

Task 13: Deployment

4 points

Recommend to the MMM executives two possible deployments of your planned app for large scale use in the WWW.

Take your components from the previous task and draw a deployment diagram (see slide set 6, pages 46f) for each proposal.

Also, write down a few sentences to justify your decisions.

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