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Week Offset Day of week Time Event
0 Wednesday 11:00-11:45 Lecture about the topics of the assignment.
0 Thursday 00:00 Publication of the assignments. (Ideally already on Wednesday noon.)
0 Thursday 11:00-12:30 Lecture about the topics of the assignment.
1 Wednesday 11:00 Your solutions are due. Submission via SVN.
2 Monday 23:59 Publications of individual reviews of your solutions. You can look it up in the SVN.
2 Wednesday individual You present your solution to one of the tutors.

For details see the slides describing the exercise organizations and requirements for the exam.


  • Development Environment (Also recommend for SVN access.)
      • For now we recommend the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (85 MB).
      • In the future we might use Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers (176 MB).

Access to your Group Repository

After the installation of the Subversion Client you should configure the access to the repository where you will store your exercises.

  1. In Eclipse, go to the menu entry Window → Open Perspective → SVN Repository Exploring
  2. … choose New Repository Location in the context menu of the SVN Repository View which just appeared
  3. … a window will open. Enter the following:
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