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Assignment 11: Mapping Models to Code

Due at Friday, July 9nd, 23:59
This is the second last assignment.

Task 39: OCL

2 points

Consider the following class diagram:

Specify the following invariant on the Employee class in OCL: “Employees are only associated with BusinessUnits which are part of the Organizations they work for.”

Task 40: Mapping Association Classes to Code

3+1 points

Take the association class example from lecture slide 27 and transform it Java source code. Make sure that the relationship ends are synchronized on either side when changes occur.

Is it easier to map an association class to Java Code or to a relational database? Explain your answer in one to three sentences.

Task 41: Object-Relational Mapping

3 points

Map the following class hierarchy to a database scheme:

Which of the mapping strategies did you choose and what are its advantages/disadvantages?

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