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Assignment 6: Software Architectures

Due at Friday, June 4th, 23:59

Task 20: Bike Rental Model-View-Controller

4 points

When you take a look at the Analysis Object Model of the Bike Rental Outlet project from task 17 you might consider Model-View-Controller as an appropriate architectural style to design the overall system.

Please describe your design in order to realize the mentioned analysis object model, in particular the views and controllers.

Task 21: Generic Components for Model-View-Controller

4 points

If you think more generic: how would you design abstract generic model and view components? Specify what ports they should offer and what (abstract) data types they would require. Sketch a UML component diagram and comment it textually.

Comment on how your generic solution would be used for the bike rental example.

Task 22: Basic Definitions of Modularization

3 points

Give brief definitions of the following concepts of modularization:

  • Sub-System
  • Module
  • Component
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