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Assignments will be published here in the Wiki. Related files will be found the SVN.

Requirements to get admittance to the written exam

  • Join an exercise group of three students.
  • The submission is via the repository.
  • Regular attendance to the exercises by all group members.
    • You will meet with your tutor in the week following the deadline.
    • Points will be tracked individually.
    • The whole group has to attend the meeting with the tutor. If you are not there you get zero points.
    • Each group member has to be able to present the solution. You can only get points for tasks that you can explain.
    • No explanation from you = Zero points.
  • Still, we recommend that you solve the assignments together.
  • 50% of the points of the total points from all the assignments are required to get admitted to the exam.


Tutorials on Wednesdays

Begin End Henri Loredana
11:50 12:15 Group 01 Group 02
12:20 12:45 Group 03 Group 04
12:50 13:15 Group 05 Group 06
13:20 13:45 Group 07

Copy the following text into an email,
add your data, sort the times according to your preferences,
and send it to and

== Give us the following data of the three members of your group: ==

first name, surname, matriculation number, email address
Max Christian, Sampleman, 08154711,
Mix Christian, Sampleman, 08154712,
Mux Christian, Sampleman, 08154713,

== Sort the following times according to your preferences ==
(The time you like most comes first.)



  • Development Environment (Also recommend for SVN access.)

Access to your Group Repository

After the installation of the Subversion Client you should configure the access to the repository where you will store your exercises.

  1. In Eclipse, go to the menu entry Window → Open Perspective → SVN Repository Exploring
  2. … choose New Repository Location in the context menu of the SVN Repository View which just appeared
  3. … a window will open. Enter the following:
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