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Assignment 6: Software Architectures

Release date: Monday, 16.05.11 - Due date: Sunday, 22.05.11, 23:59

Task 1: Sequel: From Domain Object Model to Analysis Object Model

4 points

A company has been ordered to design the software for a cash register. It should contain the following elements:

  • A keypad to enter the article prices and a key to calculate the total cost.
  • A list display for the employee to see the list of articles of the current customer.
  • A detailed display for the customer to see the price of the last entered article and the current total cost.

The flow of events for a single purchase is the following:

  • The employee enters the cost of an article
  • All connected displays are updated accordingly
  • The process can be repeated till the employer presses the total cost button.
  • This will cause the total costs to be displayed and the bill will be printed.

Provide a class diagram depicting domain object model of the software described above. Derive the analysis object model for this domain object model.

Task 2: Bike Rental Model-View-Controller

4 points

When you take a look at the Analysis Object Model of the Bike Rental Outlet project from assignment 4 task 3, you might consider Model-View-Controller (MVC) as an appropriate architectural style to design the overall system.

Please describe your design in order to realize the mentioned analysis object model, in particular the views and controllers. (Up to 10 sentences, describing how the analysis model corresponds to the architecture, including the responsibilities of the parts of the system and how they interact.)

Task 3: Design goals reviewed with MVC

4 points

Discuss, why the MVC architectural design violates or fulfills the following design goals:

  • Performance (Especially reaction time to user inputs)
  • Security (Access restrictions to the system)
  • Maintainability
    • Changeability of the M, V and C's
    • Extensibility of the M, V and C's

Task 4: Basic Definitions of Modularization

3 points

Give brief definitions of the following concepts of modularization:

  • Sub-System
  • Module
  • Component
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