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OOSC 2011 Schedule

You can access the slides using your SVN account. We already added links to the slides from last year.
The current slides will be online latest about 1-2 h before the lecture starts.
Wednesday Thursday
11:15-12:00 11:15-12:45
Date Content Literature
Wd 06.04.11 Introduction [BD09, Ch.1]
Th 07.04.11 Software Configuration Management
Wd 13.04.11 Introduction into UML-Part-I
12:00-12:45 Tutorial for all participants: Setting up Eclipse, SVN, astah
[BD09, Ch.2], [PP05]
Th 14.04.11 Introduction into UML-Part-II
Wd 20.04.11 Requirements Elicitation [BD09, Ch.4]
Th 21.04.11 Requirements Elicitation
Wd 27.04.11 Requirements Analysis [BD09, Ch.5]
Th 28.04.11 Requirements Analysis
Wd 04.05.11 System Design I, Decomposition [BD09, Ch.6]
Wd 05.05.11 System Design II, Architectures [BD09, Ch.6]
Wd 11.05.11 System Design, Architecture Organization [BD09, Ch.7]
Th 12.05.11 System Design, Adressing Design Goals
Wd 18.05.11 System Design, Adressing Design Goals [BC03]
Th 19.05.11 Object Design, Fundamentals [BD09, Ch.8]
Wd 25.05.11 Object Design, Design Principles and Design Pattern [BD09, Ch.8], [GHJV96]
Th 26.05.11 Object Design, Design Pattern
Wd 01.06.11 Object Design, Specifying Interfaces [BD09, Ch.9]
Th 02.06.11 Ascension Day, No lecture
Wd 08.06.11 Object Design, Specifying Interfaces
Th 09.06.11 Mapping Models to Code[BD09, Ch.10]
Wd 15.06.11 Pentecost holidays, No lecture, no tutorials
Th 16.06.11 Pentecost holidays, No lecture
Wd 22.06.11 Testing, Unit Testing [BD09, Ch.11]
Th 23.06.11 Corpus Christi, No lecture
Wd 29.06.11 Testing, Unit Testing
Th 30.06.11 Testing, Integration & System Tests [BD09, Ch.11]
Wd 06.07.11 Refactoring [F99]
Th 07.07.11 Refactoring
Wd 13.07.11 no lecture but tutorials
Th 14.07.11 Q&A session
Th 21.07.11 Written Exam (Topics) (Last Years Exam)
Th 13.10.11 Second Written Exam Römerstraße 164
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