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OOSC 2012 Schedule

We collected a list with potential topics of the written exam. As a service there is as well an extensive slides set trying to summarize the lecture, but you should only take this as a starting point. You should as well consult your assignment solutions, especially for those topics that we categorized as “competence” in the list of potential exam topics.
Wednesday Thursday
11:15-12:45 11:15-12:00
Date Content Literature
Wd 04.04.12 Introduction [BD09, Ch.1]
Th 05.04.12 Software Configuration Management 1)
12:00-12:45 Tutorial for all participants: Setting up Eclipse and astah
Wd 11.04.12 Objects and Classes, [Static] aspects of OOP and UML [BD09, Ch.2], [PP05]
Th 12.04.12 Software Configuration Management (continued)
After the lecture (i.e. at 12:00) we offer you to help you with SVN configuration issues.
Wd 18.04.12 Dynamic aspects of OOP and UML2) [BD09, Ch.2], [PP05]
Th 19.04.12 Requirements Elicitation3) [BD09, Ch.4]
Wd 25.04.12 Requirements Eclicitation (continued), Requirements Analysis4) [BD09, Ch.4],[BD09, Ch.5]
Th 26.04.12 Requirements Analysis (continued) [BD09, Ch.5]
Wd 02.05.12 System Design I, Software Architectures [BD09, Ch.6]
Th 03.05.12 This short (0:45) lecture on 03.05. is postponed to Th 24.05.12
Wd 09.05.12 System Design II, Architecture Organization [BD09, Ch.7]
Th 10.05.12 System Design II, Architecture Organization (continued) [BD09, Ch.7]
Wd 16.05.12 System Design III, Addressing Design Goals [BC03]
Th 17.05.12 Ascension Day, No lecture
Wd 23.05.12 Dies Academicus in Bonn, No lecture, No tutorials this week!
Th 24.05.12 11:15-12:45 Object Design, Fundamentals [BD09, Ch.8]
Wd 30.05.12 Pentecost holidays, No lecture, no tutorials
Th 31.05.12 Pentecost holidays, No lecture
Wd 06.06.12 Object Design, Design Principles and Design Pattern [BD09, Ch.8], [GHJV96]
Th 07.06.12 Corpus Christi, No lecture
Wd 13.06.12 Object Design, Design Principles and Design Pattern (continued), Object Design, Specifying Interfaces5) [BD09, Ch.9]
Th 14.06.12 Object Design, Specifying Interfaces (continued) [BD09, Ch.9]
Wd 20.06.12 Mapping Models to Code6)[BD09, Ch.10]
Th 21.06.12 Testing, Unit Testing [BD09, Ch.11]
Wd 27.06.12 Testing, Unit Testing (continued), Testing, Integration & System Tests [BD09, Ch.11]
Th 28.06.12 Testing, System Tests (continued)
Wd 04.07.12 Refactoring7) [F99]
Th 05.07.12 Refactoring (continued) [F99]
Wd 11.07.12 Summary of the lecture
Th 12.07.12 Q&A session (on request)
Th 19.07.12 Final Exam, 14:00, Hs. 1, Römerstraße 164 (Topics)
Tue 02.10.12 Second Written Exam, 11:15, B-IT
19.04.12: Improved comparison of centralized and distributed SCMs.
18.04.12: Changed title. Reordered slides for sequence diagrams.
25.04.12: Added slide about FURPS+
26.04.12: Added some captions and other minor changes.
16.06.12: Added a few more hints. Some reformating. Moved not required slides to the end.
20.06.12: Added the JPA slides again. They are not required for the exam! Minor changes based on the discussion in the lecture.
08.07.12: Added source code for the bad smell “switch statement” from [F99]. During the lecture dynamic type checks were presented instead (if (… instanceof …) {…} else if (… instanceof …) {…} …)
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