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Assignment 0: Hello OOSC!

Release date: Tuesday, 09.04.13 - Due date: Sunday, 14.04.13, 11:59 (noon)

Task 01: Joining the OOSC mailing list

1 points

To ease the communication with us or your fellow students, please join the lecture’s mailing list. There you can ask questions concerning the assignments or the lecture. They should be answered as fast as possible by us or other students. To join the mailing list, visit

Please, use your university email address :-) We are happy to answer your questions. Do not count on us answering emails on the weekend.

Task 02: Find an Exercise Group & Exercise Slot

1 points

Send the information below until Thursday (2013-04-11) evening

In order to set up the exercises you have to team up with three (including you) of your colleagues. The exercises will take place in room 1.32 of the b-it building. Time slots will be assigned to each group individually. To apply for a time slot write an Email holding the information below. The assigned time slot for your group will be announced per mail. The regular exercise groups will start on the 18.04.13.

Exercise Slots

Day Begin End

Copy the following text into an email, add your data, sort the times according to your preferences and send it to and

Please use the subject “Timeslots for OOSC”

== Give us the following data of the three members of your group: ==

first name, surname, matriculation number, email adress
Mr. Max Christian, Sampleman, 08154711,
Mr. John Q., Public, 97846123,
Ms. Jane, Doe, 41255112,

== Sort the following group names according to your preferences ==
(The time you like most comes first. Please provide at least three possible time slots.)

Thursday   11:15 
Thursday   11:45 

Thursday   12:45 
Thursday   13:15 
Thursday   13:45 
Thursday   14:15 

Task 03: Introduce yourself

1 points

Copy the following text into an email, add your information and send it to and

Please use the subject “Hello OOSC”

== Please let us know a bit about your knowledge ==

What is your bachelor degree major?

Give us your level of expertise ( 0 = no knowledge, 
+ = beginner, ++ = worked with, +++ = fluent ) with 
respect to the following topics and comment on it 
with a few words:

Other programming languages

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