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Assignments will be published here in the Wiki. Related files will be found in the SVN. New assignments are published on Wednesday, the submission deadline is Monday at 23:59.

Requirements to get admittance to the written exam

  • Join an exercise group of three students.
  • The submission is via the repository.
  • Regular attendance to the exercises by all group members.
    • You will meet with your tutor in the week following the deadline.
    • You are allowed to miss at most two exercise.
    • Points will be tracked individually.
    • The whole group has to attend the meeting with the tutor. If you are not there you get zero points.
    • Each group member has to be able to present the solution. You can only get points for tasks that you can explain.
    • No explanation from you = Zero points.
  • Still, we recommend that you solve the assignments together.
  • 50% of the points of the total points from all the assignments are required to get admitted to the exam.

Typical Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday: Publication of next assignment
  • Thursday: Exercise meeting with your tutor ( and of course the lecture :-) )
  • Monday Noon: Submission deadline (Different for first week)
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