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Student Assignment Competition

This semester we plan to do a student competition. The competition provides you the possibility to compete with your fellow students. Every assignment solution you do gives you a score value. The accumulated score is presented in a leaderboard available on the wiki and updated weekly. Below, you’ll find an example scoreboard with fictional names and scores. The scoreboard will be available on the website of the lecture.

Rank Old Handle Score
1 1 KTBFFH 1239
1 1 pory 1239
1 1 Rewe 1239
4 8 Parhalche 1205
5 5 Herbie 1205
5 5 SCRAT 1205
7 4 Cloud 1191
8 7 azure 1185
9 9 007 1176
9 9 Solid Snake 1176
11 11 Gray 1153

Last Updated: 2013-07-16

The participation of this competition is optional. To participate, send us your name + a chosen handle by email to May 22nd. The assignments that you already solved will be taken into account.

Your handle will be used on the board to identify you on the board. Therefore, feel free to keep it secret for yourself or, if you wish, share it with others.

At any time during the semester you can quit the competition by sending us an email. It may be that we add more rewards during the course and there may be a reward in the end for the top ranks.


The competition uses a multiplayer variation of the standard Elo rating system, which is commonly used to calculate the relative skill of two players in two person games (e.g. chess). The constants are: K=50, D=400, InitialScore=1200

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