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Integrated Development Environment: Eclipse

  • Download “Eclipse Classic” from eclipse.
  • Unzip the file to a location with a rather short path (otherwise paths might get too long).
  • The file you need to start is eclipse.exe

UML-Editor: Astah

For the rest you need your SVN account which will be mailed to you around 17.04.13 if you solved Assignment 0: Hello OOSC!.

Repository: Subversion

SVN Setup

Access to your Group Repository

After the installation of the Subversion Client you should configure the access to the repository where you will store your exercises.

  1. In Eclipse, go to the menu entry Window → Open Perspective → SVN Repository Exploring
  2. … choose New Repository Location in the context menu of the SVN Repository View which just appeared
  3. … a window will open. Enter the following:
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