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WT 2007/08: Organizational Requirements Engineering

ORE, winter term2007/08
lecture exercises
Wednesday, 15:30 - 17:00, B-it lecture room every second Monday, 16:15 - 17:45,
B-it lecture room (05.11.,19.11.,03.12.,17.12., 07.01.,21.01. )

Begin: 31.10.2007


This course is intended for second semester Media Informatics Students of B-IT. Requirements Engineering can be seen as the early steps along the software development process. In this lecture, we present the typical phases of requirements engineering, that is, elicitation, analysis, and management. We also cover selected topics from this field, such as non-functional requirements, the CMMI model, and functional requirements of interactive systems. From a technical perspective, the methods and concepts taught in this lecture use standard notations based on the UML 2.0. language. Before starting with actual material on requirements engineering, a short but illustrative course on UML is given. The courses are enriched by a series of practice talks merely given by representative of major companies from the IT sector. Here, the theoretical aspects of the lecture are deepened by industrial experience reports.


Topics include:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • UML, the Unified Modelling Language
  • Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Interactive Systems
  • CMMI
  • Software Lifecycle
  • Further topics are introduced and announced during the lecture


Requirements to be credited:

  • Graded written exam at the end of the course
  • Regular attendence to the practice group
  • For the detailed requirements to be credited see the exercises page

Examination / Credit Points

  • Date of the written exam: February, 13th 2008, 15:30, B-IT lecture room, 90 minutes
  • Second date in March 2008 (oral or written), Date: tba
  • Number of ECTS Credits: 4

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Required Reading:

  • Brügge, Dutoit: Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 2nd Edition
  • Sommerville, Kotonya: Requirements Engineering, 2004
  • IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications (IEEE Std 830-1998) (pdf)
  • Pohl, Klaus: Requirements Engineering: An Overview. (pdf)
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