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Seminar: "Model-Driven Software Engineering"

Dr. Günter Kniesel, Dr. Hamed Shariat Yazdi, Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann

General Information


  • Course title: Seminar Model-driven Software Engineering
  • Course number in module handbook: MA 3218
  • Course number in Basis: 612013218
  • Hours per week: 2
  • Credit points: 4.
  • Prerequisites: Foundations of object-oriented programming and UML.

The seminar is part of the ICM track of the M.Sc. curriculum. It is are aimed at students who want to specialize in Software Engineering and Model-Driven Engineering.

Model-Driven Software Engineering

Increasing complexity of modern software calls for more effective and predictable approaches to software development. This need has led to the rise of a new paradigm: Modell-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE). MDSE is being successfully used in many domains and is continuously evolving. There is a wide range of tools and technologies that use or support MDSE. Knowledge of MDSE concepts and tools has become an elementary skill for a software engineer.

Interested in further details? Then attend the info meeting. It will introduce necessary background on model driven software development, present a catalog of topics for the seminar and lab and clarify organizational issues. You will then be able to choose the seminar topic you want to pursue.

The info meeting and presentation of seminar topics will take place at:

Wednesday, 22.03.2017 from 8:15 to 9:45, Room: A207, Römerstr. 164.

Place and Time

All seminar presentations will take place in room A121 (Römerstr. 164), on Thursdays from 8:15 to 9:45.

  • Presentation skeletons: 8 x (6 minute presentation + 5 minute feedback) = 90 minutes
    • 26.04.2017: All 8 topics
  • Draft presentations: 3 x (20 minute presentation + 10 minute feedback) = 90 minutes
    • 18.05.2017: Topics 1-3
    • 01.06.2017: Topics 4-6
    • 22.06.2017: Topics 7-8
  • Final presentations: 2 x (35 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion)
    • 06.07.2017: EMF and Viatra
    • 13.07.2017: XText and Xtend
    • 20.07.2017: SiDiff
All reports are due on July 31st. Reports must be written in Lyx using this template

Mailing List

  • mdse-lab lists iai uni bonn defill spaces with @ . . - .


Who E-mail Tel Office
Dr. Günter Kniesel gk -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4511 A107
Dr. Hamed Shariat Yazdi shariat -at- cs uni-bonn de (0228) 73-4506 A108
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