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Languages and IDEs

In case you want to play around with some of the languages mentioned in the book here are some installation instructions.

Eclipse IDE

  • Download “Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers 4.4.1” from
    in the version for your operating system.
  • Unzip the file to a location with a rather short path (otherwise paths might get too long).
  • The file you need to start is eclipse.exe
  • For your workspace you should as well choose a location with a rather short path.


The language of the original code examples!







  • Rather unrelated to most of the chapters. Functional is closest.
  • But, the IDE is developed by some colleagues.
  • Here are their installation instructions.

More Details

Python Details

  • Install the Python 2.7 from
  • Install the PyDev Plug-in
    • (You may install the PyDev certificate before you start the installation.)
    • In eclipse: Help > Eclipse Marketplace… → Find: PyDev → [Install]
    • If you didnt't install the certificate, you need to “trust” it now.
  • Configure
    • Window > Preferences > PyDev > Interpreters > Python Interpreter → [New…]
    • Enter a interpreter name (e.g. “Python”) and the place of your executable (e.g. “C:\Python27\python.exe”).
    • Let eclipse add all the libraries to the configuration.
  • Syntax Highlighting
    • You can copy paste the code with the syntax highlighting from the PyDev editor into PowerPoint
    • After you pasted the code into PowerPoint click on the Options button and choose to keep the original formatting.

Haskell Details

Self Details

AspectJ Details

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