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Presentation Schedule

Tuesday, 17.02.15
09:00 Historical Styles (Topic I, Ashish Mudaliar)
10:00 Basic Styles (Topic II, Diego Alejandro Gómez Pardo)
11:00 Function Composition (Topic III, Yibin Jiang)
12:00 Adversity1) (Topic VI, Gabriel Enrique Suárez Colmenares)
14:30 LaTeX Troubleshooting Session (optional)
Wednesday, 18.02.15
13:00 Objects and Object Interaction (Topic IV, Tieli Chen)
14:00 Reflection and Metaprogramming (Topic V, Haojiong Chen)
15:00 Data-Centric (Topic VII, Mahmoud Aly)
16:00 Concurrency (Topic VIII, Eliza Koshtoyan)
This topic was pulled forward, because the style 23 “Declared Intentions” aka type systems is an important basis for facets of “Objects and Object Interaction” and “Reflection and Metaprogramming”.
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