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General information for students about Diploma, Bachelor and Master Theses

If you are looking for a Bachelor or Master Thesis in Software Engineering contact Dr. G. Kniesel. Posible topics include but are not limited to those listed on the offered topics page.


A thesis last 6 months from the official registration of the thesis at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) to the date when you deliver your final thesis copies at the Prüfungsamt.

However, in the majority of cases it is necessary to spend some time for preparation before the official registration. As far as our experience goes, preparation lasts at least two to three months, if you do it on your own. The longer you plan ahead and choose your specialization topic early, the shorter the time that you spend preparing for your individual subject will be. To avoid such extra preparation time, we recommend to attend the courses offered by our group.

Formal requirements

For the formal requirements of a diploma, bachelor and master thesis please always consult the examination office ("Prüfungsamt") . Although we try to keep these page up to date it might not always contain the latest information. The information on the pages of the examination office ("Prüfungsamt") is always the authoritative one.


  • Diploma Theses can be written in English or German (Default is German. For English you must write a short application to the “Prüfungsamt”.)
  • Bachelor Theses can be written in English or German (Default is German. For English you must write a short application to the “Prüfungsamt”.)
  • Master Theses must be written in English

Most of the literature is written in English so you should master English reading at least.

Good English writing skills are a must for those who will write their thesis in English. If you know you're having difficulties expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely in good English you are strongly adivsed to attend suitable English writing couses long before your thesis' start.


  • We have several workstations for students in our offices or close by. Working here on a regular basis eases coordination with your advisor and is therefore highly recommended.
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