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Offered Thesis Topics

I seldom have time to elaborate thesis ideas in much detail here so please feel invited to contact me if you are interested in one of the topics listed below:

  • Software Quality Assurance. I am fascinated by the many ways in which good software engineering can help me and others to write better software in shorter time, leaving more time for all the other things that make life worth living. As a researcher, I work to develop new ideas, methods, techniques and tools that ease my own life and the life of other developers. This encompases two main aspects:
    • Software Analysis is a means to detect problems in software architectures, designs or source code but equally useful for software comprehension, to help developers understand code written by others.
    • Software Transformation is helpful to fix detected problems (bugs or simply badly written code) but equally helpful to, e.g. automate the migration from some outdated API to a modern one, helping developers to modernize their code in a predictable, controllable and cost-effective way.
  • Usability encompasses everything that makes software more user-friendly. It is about the design of user interfaces that are easy to understand and fun to use. This goes far beyond design of nice GUI elements but is mostly about design of the interaction of users with the system.


Applicants should

  • have followed the software engineering curriculum or have equivalent experience gathered otherwise,
  • be likely to complete your last exam within 3-6 months (so that there is still time to prepare for the thesis)
  • have no other activities (jobs, etc.) that take up more than half of your time during the envisaged thesis period.

If you recommended yourself by your good contributions in one of my courses you are particularly welcome to apply.

Please apply by e-mail, attaching a filled copy of this application template1). Please just fill in the ellipses (“…”) and don't break lines. The more detailed you fill in the template the better I can guess which of our many onging activities might yield a suitable thesis topic for you.

In the end we shall have a meeting to discuss your experience and interests and match them with my needs and ideas. Good thesis topics are designed together to suit both, you and me. After all, we will eventually spend half of a year of our life times together and want to enjoy this time, right?

Günter Kniesel 2013/12/20 12:14

If you need an English version please let me know.
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