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 +====== Thesis: Contextual Links – Situation-Specific Augmented Reality ======
 +This work explores augmenting reality with situation-specific information. A typical example is an augmented visit in the zoo: easily usable tags at the vivariums and cages provide a link to mobile accessible information about the animals.
 +Interesting questions and tasks can be: 
 +  * develop a feasible architecture for situation-specific augmentation systems (client, server, sensor-integration,​ external device integration,​ external services)
 +  * provide a framework for programming situation-specific augmentations that is useable for diverse platforms and contexts
 +  * realize a prototype for one small real project (e.g. at the zoo, public transport information at the stops, etc.) in cooperation with a real customer
 +  * interaction design: what input and output devices/​media are useful in what situations? ​
 +  * what characterizes good project settings for situation-specific augmentation?​ (I guess: inherently given precise situation, i.e. a rich special context; distributed information,​ direct reference between context and information demand, problems with covering the information demand otherwise)
 +====== Prototypical Implementation ======
 +In order to have a realistic practical setting for the prototypical implementation we will make contacts to real customers. Our ideas for prototypes are:
 +  * Augmented zoo visit (at the zoo cologne)
 +  * Augmented public transport (with SWS or KVB)
 +  * Augmented tourist events (with StattReisen in Bonn or Cologne)
 +  * Augmented edutainment journey around the UN Campus in Bonn (with UN?)
 +====== Links and Literature ======
 +  * Mobile Tagging using [[http://​ | BeeTags]]
 +  * [[http://​​de/​pixelpark/​_ressourcen/​attachments/​publikationen/​070717_White_Paper_2D-Barcodes_Mobile_Tagging_final.pdf
 + | Whitepaper from Pixelpark]] about Mobile Tagging
 +  * [[http://​​newsticker/​meldung/​103747|Heise Meldung zum Mobile Tagging vom 20.2.08]]
 +If you are interested in this topic contact [[ | Holger Mügge]].
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