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 +====OpenArchitectureWare Check Integration with Topcased UML Editors====
 +Integrates the [[http://​]] UML editors with OpenArchitectureWare Check files.
 +For an installation guide for Topcased and OAW see our [[http://​​service/​knowhow/​eclipse/​topcased#​installdownload_topcased| Topcased]] pages.
 +Update site: http://​​downloads/​topcasedoawintegration/​site.xml
 +To install the plug-in ​
 +  - Add the update site to your Eclipse configuration:​ Help->​Software Updates->​Available Software->​Add Site
 +  - Select TopcasedOAWIntegrationUpdateSite/​Uncategorized/​TopcasedUMLEditorOAWValidation ​
 +This is an alpha release. ​
 +Please do not hesitate to contact me (rho [at] iai [.] uni-bonn [.] de) in case of bugs or if you
 +see room for improvements.
 +==== Change Log  ====
 +=== Version ===
 +  * Recompiled the plug-in with Java 1.5.  ++ Details | The startup of the previous version silently failed on 1.5er JDKs, althougth the installation from the update site completed without an error ++
 +  * Added support for the use of extensions in Check files 
 +  * Internal errors (exception messages) are now returned as validation error messages
 +=== Version ===
 +  * First public version
 +==== Step-by-step configuration ====
 +=== Configure the Topcased Check Plug-in===
 +Open the preferences and **check the "​activate checks"​** check box.\\
 +{{:​topcased_check_preferences.jpg|Configure the Topcased Check Plug-in}}
 +===Select check files ===
 +{{:​topcasec_check_select_check_files.jpg|Select check files and activate validation}}
 +===Click on the green check mark in the toolbar to valdiate the model===
 +The check files are now executed on your model, additionally to the
 +built-in UML validation.\\
 +{{:​topcased_validate_model.jpg|Validate the Model}}
 +===Now the Errors/​Warnings issued by your check files are shown in the UML Diagram===
 +{{:​topcased_check_error_msg_in_uml_diagram.jpg|Errors/​Warnings in the UML Diagram}}
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